EXOR Boer Goats

Brett, Carmen, Sterling Siemens

We cannot possibly picture all the animals we have for sale. Our Facebook page is usually more current than the web page, so check it out at EXOR BOER Goats

The  Best Bloodlines

We usually have some production ready for new homes between march and June, but there are always out of cycle or flush kids at various times. Check with us for any special needs you may have, as we may just have the bloodlines and traits you need to add mass, muscle, depth of body and sound structure.  Most of the current production will be from this buck, LLGG Bad Company. See how he has grown up!



To contact us:

Phone: 816-225-9644

E-mail: Brett@rsboergoats.com

Facebook: EXOR Boer Goats

Facebook: Brett Siemens